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The Power of Stories (from Books)

[vimeo 56035464 w=640 h=360] Sally Lloyd-Jones on Parenting Children Into the Christian Worldview Story "IF A STORY CAPTURES OUR CHILDREN, THEN NOTHING ELSE COMPETES." Stories from books...

Want vs. Need

Parenting Posts

Men Need to Know Their Family

[vimeo 56108635 w=640 h=360] Notes from the video below: Men Need to Know Their Family Men need to know their family intimately, not on a superficial level. ...

Reflection Posts

Such an Incredible Mind Wrote Children’s Stories

[vimeo 56037245 w=640 h=360] "A STORY IS HOW YOU CAPTURE A CHILD’S HEART." Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the Jesus Storybook Bible, talks about her appreciation for C.S....

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The Perfect Christian

A couple of weeks ago, our High School Youth group spent a Wednesday evening looking at what Jesus meant when he said: "You are the...

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I Really Want You to Have a Cell Phone!

Article originally appeared @ on May 14, 2014 Hayward Wesleyan's discipleship pastor, Heath Davis, and myself have been trying to engage our church (and...


When the Holy Spirit Humiliated Me

From my journal dated: June 1, 2014 Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was...

Scientific Humility