Ministry Posts

Stained or Painted with the Gospel?

Article originally appeared @ on May 29, 2014 Jared Martin shared an amazing insight a while back. I've reordered the question: Are we stained or painted...

Parenting Posts

Parenting Is All About Training

Article originally appeared @ on May 26, 2014 I think sometimes we parents get distracted from stewarding our children. We forget this deal is...

Reflection Posts

The Lost World of Genesis One // Book Thoughts

A couple of days ago I finished reading John Walton's book: "The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate" His view of...

Sabbatical Leave

Theology Posts

The Perfect Christian

A couple of weeks ago, our High School Youth group spent a Wednesday evening looking at what Jesus meant when he said: "You are the...

Technology Posts

I Just Deleted the Facebook App Off My Phone

I just deleted the Facebook app off of my phone. I'm just disgusted with it. Now, I'm not a Facebook hater in the least. I have...


When the Holy Spirit Humiliated Me

From my journal dated: June 1, 2014 Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was...

Scientific Humility