Ministry Posts

Human Beings, not Human Doings (exclusively)

I recently wrote an email to our High School Youth leaders who are currently "assisting" our students in running Youth Alpha. I sensed that...

Leg Wrestling // Game

Parenting Posts

Dear Parents: Here’s Some Language You Can Use with Your Children

I just sent this letter to the parents of our Followers students regarding what happened with the story we interacted with this past Monday....

Reflection Posts

The Lost World of Genesis One // Book Thoughts

A couple of days ago I finished reading John Walton's book: "The Lost World of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology and the Origins Debate" His view of...

Sabbatical Leave

Theology Posts

The Perfect Christian

A couple of weeks ago, our High School Youth group spent a Wednesday evening looking at what Jesus meant when he said: "You are the...

Technology Posts

I Just Deleted the Facebook App Off My Phone

I just deleted the Facebook app off of my phone. I'm just disgusted with it. Now, I'm not a Facebook hater in the least. I have...


When the Holy Spirit Humiliated Me

From my journal dated: June 1, 2014 Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was...

Scientific Humility