Ministry Posts

Philosophy of Children and Family Ministries

In the fall of 2007, I started a graduate program at Bethel Seminary. While I eventually finished my master's degree at another...

Parenting Posts

How Can We Encourage Our Kids?

Children need encouragement. Sure they need correction from time to time (okay, maybe a lot!), but they need lots and lots of encouragement as well....

Reflection Posts


What is gossip? "We gossip when we talk about someone, rather than directly to him. Two people move closer to each other at the expense...


Theology Posts

The Perfect Christian

A couple of weeks ago, our High School Youth group spent a Wednesday evening looking at what Jesus meant when he said: "You are the...

Technology Posts

I Really Want You to Have a Cell Phone!

Article originally appeared @ on May 14, 2014 Hayward Wesleyan's discipleship pastor, Heath Davis, and myself have been trying to engage our church (and...


When the Holy Spirit Humiliated Me

From my journal dated: June 1, 2014 Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was...

Scientific Humility