Jeremy Mavis

Husband. Father. Tech enthusiast.
And a lover of all things related to snow.

Jeremy Mavis

And he loves lots of action.

Jeremy Mavis

Children's Pastor.
And he tries not to hurt people.

Jeremy Mavis

Youth Pastor.
And he loves adventures.

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Reading the Bible.

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Back in February, I wrote this after my men’s small group that meets on Tuesday mornings: “I was convicted this morning of a story my friend shared of a guy who would read through the Bible every month. It was a conviction he felt impressed by God to do. “This story reminded of the man that inspired Dr. Ron Frost…


My Lack, and Therefore Need, of Empathy

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My wife and I had a good series of talks on the way to a retreat back in February. I can’t remember the substance of our talks on the way down, but it was nice to have had the time and space to talk. As a married couple who both work nearly full-time and have kids in both school and daycare, we…


Forgiveness Always Comes w/ a Cost

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If you were to come across an individual bashing your car with a baseball bat. What would you do? You would probably call the police! What if, when the police officer arrives, the offender apologizes to the officer, and the patrolman looks at you and says: “He’s sorry. Why don’t you just let it go?” What?! You want that person…


Announcing Changes to

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Almost 4 years ago, I wrote my first blog post: What are Christians to do? on July 5, 2010. Since then, I have authored 868 blog posts on this blog and 391 over at You could say that I’m rather invested in writing and sharing thoughts and resources. I am inherently an educator, and as a pastor I want to educate…

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