Heath Davis Joins jeremymavis.com as a Contributor

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HeathPastor Heath Davis is a prolific writer. The problem is that most of his writings are stuck on his computer or in his email. If any of you know Heath, he is not technical by nature. One of his most famous sayings (at least I think so) is:

“I don’t have Twitter… and just so you know… you can actually be a great pastor and NOT have sent a tweet before… trust me, I’m doing it!”

He’s had a blog for a while, but he doesn’t post many things on it because the medium of technology gets in his way.

Recently after attending a conference, Heath felt compelled to begin organizing and sharing some of his writings and he asked if he could just email them to me and post them on this blog.

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What in the TECH is Going On?

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hand on keyboard

Recently, Pastor Jeremy and I have had a few provocative discussions in different settings regarding technology and its use among young people in particular. I’ve been in conversation with a professional in the technology field and I wanted to share with this individual a sort of summary of some of our recent conversations and experiences.

Technology Conversations are Profitable

The conversation on technology was very profitable for parents who attended. It was actually a deep issue with strong feelings by many parents. Many parents wonder how to navigate in a world where they are not as much “digital natives” as their kids. For instance, many parents feel naive and overwhelmed by what their kids do on the computer, phone, iPad, and what those devices are capable of. Some parents even cried as they shared of their kids addictive behaviors. Not knowing how to handle and manage their child’s cravings to be online, but they see it impacting their child’s relationships in unhealthy ways. One parent with tears in her eyes asked if we could meet regularly as a support group. And, we want to keep resourcing these parents, encouraging them and helping to support them in doing what’s proper and right for their kids. All of this was so encouraging.

A Seeming Lack of Concern for these Growing Technology Issues

The second observation, and less encouraging, was how few people attended the two meetings we had. We have a church of 500 and have probably 200 kids involved in youth and children’s ministry weekly. Yet, there were only about 12 parents combined at both of the parent meetings. So, we are concerned with the lack of parental knowledge and support regarding an issue that is arguably the biggest issue daily in the home (at least in my house it is: TV usage, computer usage, wanting a phone, wanting a video game system, etc).

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Week in Review #15

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Friday, Apr 4 – Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

Week #15 Synopsis

  • Relaxing Friday and Saturday
  • Main Street story was on Nehemiah (the follow up to Ezra’s story the preceding week)
  • Monday was a big VBS planning day
  • Realization of a good way to share on social media and reach a wider audience
  • I’ve spent some time writing a letter I eventually want to send out to all of our families (via snail mail)
  • Wednesday morning I spent some time working on Wesleyan Kids material (what I do every Wednesday morning)
  • Wednesday afternoon was another early release day in Hayward and I spent the afternoon with my 8th grade guys: We stuffed Easter eggs for the Easter Eggstravaganza on April 19, then we played a ton of Nerf, then we prayed with each other for a while
  • Wednesday night Youth saw a really neat story found in Mark 12:1-12 (the Parable of the Tenants)
  • On Thursday, I had my pre-op physical where they made sure I am physically ready to have my tonsils removed on April 23

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Week in Review #14

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Friday, Mar 28 – Thursday, Apr 3, 2014

Week #14 Synopsis

  • Youth Camp virtually meeting on Google Hangouts on Friday to prepare for summer teen camp
  • Main Street story was Ezra
  • We watched “What’s in the Bible?” Vol. 10 Episode 2 which is about Jesus in Followers
  • Tuesday morning men’s Bible study, small group
  • Wednesday Youth saw a special guest come in and share his testimony
  • Thursday odds and ends

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Week in Review #13

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Friday, Mar 21 – Thursday, Mar 27, 2014

Week #13 Synopsis

  • Benefit for high school girls that got into an accident on Saturday
  • Sermon preparation and delivery: The Squall and the Excorcism
  • Black Light Night event that Sunday night for children’s ministry
  • Had to do some assessment work on our sound, lights and sound control in the Theatre room
  • Went into a High School health class while they were having an abstinence talk with the students // I just got to be present
  • Youth group saw the sharing of their gifts (not a Talent show) where students edified the body by sharing their gifts
  • Got to meet with a mentor I chose to discuss some growth points for my seminary class
  • Reconnected with my friend Dave

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A Blindfolded Worship Experience

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At Youth on Wednesday night, we recently engaged in the story found in Mark 10:46-52 that shares the account of a blind man receiving sight from Jesus. In order to better prepare ourselves to step inside and understand the story, we thought that a little exercise might be in order.

Let’s experience blindness, if but for a short while, and worship.

We got about 100 blindfolds ready and after we played a game, had the students spread out in the room and place a blindfold over their eyes (there were assurances that no one would be harmed while wearing a blindfold!). We turned out the lights so there would be no light seepage through the cloth blindfold over everyone’s eyes.

This is something that I have wanted to experience for some time, so I blindfolded myself along with the rest of the group.

We had three elements to this experience:

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Parent’s Guide to Technology

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Parents Guide to Technology

Parent’s Guide to Technology

I found to be an incredible resource to share with parents @ Hayward Wesleyan. In fact, I printed a bunch off and they sit in a brochure holder for anyone to take.

What we’re finding is that parents just don’t know about the technology that is in the hands of their kids. They aren’t fully aware of the power contained and the functions and access available to their children and teenagers. I guarantee that their kids know, and they would like their parents to be somewhat ignorant so they can get what their friends have.

So if you want to be an informed parent instead of an ignorant one (no offense intended), check out the information at the link below. And, if you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me.

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Stories of Elisha

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Stories of Elisha

1 Kings 19:19 – 2 Kings 8:6

Last week’s story was centered around the prophet Elijah. In this week’s story, the main character is Elisha.

Elisha is Elijah’s successor and this prophet does some fascinating miracles. What’s even more remarkable is the kind of miracles he does and who does similar miracles later in the Bible (hint: Jesus).

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curriculum Download (pdf, 664.3kb)

Story of Elijah

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Story of Elijah

1 Kings 16:29 – 1 Kings 19:18

Last week the kingdom divided. Ten tribes in the north remained Israel, while two tribes in the south, Judah and Benjamin were renamed Judah.

Elijah was a prophet to the northern set of tribes, Israel, primarily during the reign of King Ahab, who did evil in the eyes of the LORD. When there is rampant evil among the kings and all the people of the north, Israel, there is disdain for anyone, especially a prophet claiming to speak for God, who advocates for good. Well, Elijah was a prophet who spoke the words of God to King Ahab, who didn’t like what he had to say: there were consequences God was going to enact because of Israel’s disobedience. However, instead of being responsible for their wicked and evil actions, King Ahab and the northern kingdom blamed Elijah for the famine that ensued.

In a triumphant display of the power of God, Elijah challenges King Ahab’s false idols to a challenge on top of Mount Carmel. The outcome is pretty cool.

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curriculum Download (pdf, 559kb)

Week in Review #12

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Friday, Mar 14 – Thursday, Mar 20, 2014

Week #12 Synopsis

  • Back into classes @ Wesley Seminary // Spiritual Life and Leadership
  • Followers used the “What’s in the Bible?” curriculum (it worked really well, but didn’t allow for small group interaction time)
  • Met w/ the local Crisis Pregnancy Resource Director regarding abstinence
  • Had my monthly haircut with Jen and we ended up talking about church and faith a lot more than normal and it was really neat
  • LDJ // monthly Leadership Development Journey where pastors in the Wesleyan churches in the northwestern area of Wisconsin meet to encourage and share with one another
  • I spent a lot of time working on the sermon for Hayward Wesleyan

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