Jeremy Mavis

Husband. Father. Tech enthusiast.
And a lover of all things related to snow.

Jeremy Mavis

And he loves lots of action.

Jeremy Mavis

Children's Pastor.
And he tries not to hurt people.

Jeremy Mavis

Youth Pastor.
And he loves adventures.

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Those Phone Crazy Teens

| Technology | No Comments

This post is for parents who are new to the cell phone and internet connected world of teenagers and usage patterns. It should come as no surprise that teens text, on average, 2108 times per month. Actually this number is down from a few years ago when it was up around 4000. I imagine other apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and…

Cookie Flip | Game

| Games, Ministry | One Comment

Game requirements cookies (chips ahoy seem to work the best) flat cookie cooking pan How to play start with a cookie on the cooking pan participants must flip the cookie up in the air, then flip the cooking pan over, and catch the cookie the goal can be to flip and catch one cookie, two cookies, or three cookies. The more cookies…


Tim Keller on: What Encourages You & Discourages You About The Millennial Generation?

| Theology | No Comments

Jefferson Bethke did an interview with Tim Keller and asked him: What encourages and discourages you about the millennial generation? Keller shares, “What I see in the younger generation has a positive and negative side… of the same coin.” On the positive side, Keller states: “I’ve never seen a generation so interested in community.” And on the negative side, “The younger…


Would I Recommend Climbing On Top of a Moving Train?

| Reflection | No Comments

Back in the Spring, our family took a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. We had so much fun on this trip… especially our girls! One day, as we were riding on the Magic Kingdom train, I remembered a story from back in college. Some friends and I climbed on top of a slow-moving train during a banquet…

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