The Making of the Bible

This information on the making of the Bible, in-large part, is based on content from Tim Mackie (The Bible Project) and Dr. Ray Lubeck (Multnomah University) as well as other sources.

The Bible is a human book with a very traceable history of human origins. The authors of the Bible claim this is not merely a human text, but claims that God is speaking a diving word to his people. The Bible has a complicated human history of its transmission and collection. In the evangelical world, the Bible is often viewed (whether fair or not) as a text that fell out of heaven. The Bible doesn’t even come close to claiming that. The Bible itself tells the history of its complicated origins.

Does this scandal of the traceable human story of the Bible cause an internal crisis for you? Can we trust the Bible we have? Absolutely. And we’ll talk about why. Class participants will discover and appreciate a very human process in this divine-human partnership of the making of the Bible as well as a confidence that the words contained in our modern translations of these ancient texts are accurate and trustworthy.

Hebrew Bible

The first lecture is about the making of the Old Testament and how much we know from the Bible itself about how it came into existence.

New Testament

The second lecture is a look in how the books of the New Testament were written and collected during the first century and beyond.

Canon and Authority

The third and final lecture details how the 66 books came to be found in the Bible, called canonization.