I’d love to perform your wedding!

First, please contact me to make sure I’m available on your proposed wedding date.

Second, we need to meet. I can’t perform a wedding ceremony in good faith unless we are able to meet all together at least once.

  • How many times do we need to meet? Well, that depends on how the first meeting goes :). Marriage is a lifelong commitment that should be entered into with excitement and soberness. Taking some time to meet and prepare for this lifelong adventure is time well spent! Also, some couples want more premarital counseling than one meeting can contain, and I would love to engage however deeply a couple desires!
  • When are you available to meet? My schedule is pretty flexible during the week. I don’t usually meet with couples during the evenings (I guard that time with my family in order to keep it healthy). But I am available during the average work day as well as early in the morning. Think of our meeting like you would making an appointment with a doctor or a counselor. Professionals don’t meet in the evenings because they guard that time with their families. I understand it may be inconvenient to meet during the work day.

Third, how much do I charge to officiate your wedding? I don’t charge anything. Hayward Wesleyan Church pays me as a full-time pastor, so I am able to do pastoral functions without charging anything. That said, if you want to pay me an honorarium, it is entirely up to you. There is no expectation of money :).

Fourth, is the Hayward Wesleyan Church facility available? I have no idea :)! Please contact the HWC Main Office and they can let you know.