I’d love to perform your wedding!

First, please contact me to make sure I’m available on your proposed wedding date.

Second, we need to meet. I can’t perform a wedding ceremony in good faith unless we are able to meet all together at least once.

  • How many times do we need to meet? Well, that depends on how the first meeting goes :). Marriage is a lifelong commitment that should be entered into with excitement and soberness. Taking some time to meet and prepare for this lifelong adventure is time well spent!
  • When are you available to meet? My schedule is pretty flexible. I don’t usually meet with couples during the evenings (I guard that time with my family in order to keep it healthy). But I am available during the average work day as well as early in the morning.

Third, how much do I charge to officiate your wedding? I don’t charge anything. Hayward Wesleyan Church pays me as a full-time pastor, so I am able to do pastoral functions without charging anything. That said, if you want to pay me an honorarium, it is entirely up to you. There is no expectation of money :).

Fourth, is the Hayward Wesleyan Church facility available? I have no idea :)! Please contact the HWC Main Office and they can let you know.