Sticky Teaching // What Sticks in the Brain

Interesting infographic on how the brain interacts with input (i.e. teaching): HT ym360 source Chris Lema

Is Donating Food to Non-Profits In Order to Feed the Hungry...

John Oliver on "Last Week Tonight" did a piece on food waste. Oliver referenced grocery stores throwing away food instead of donating it. The reason...

Warren Buffett’s Ten Rules

You gotta love Jimmy John's for putting up great signs in their restaurants! My favorite? Never Suck Your Thumb!

Vacation Level Stress Chart

In our ALWAYS "connected" world, how does one "disconnect" when on vacation? via Jonathan Cliff

Scientific Humility

I was listening to NPR a while back and there was a segment about the Great Dying 250 million years ago. There is a new...

When the Holy Spirit Humiliated Me

From my journal dated: June 1, 2014 Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was...

Responsible Caregivers

Dangerous products should be kept out of reach of children... check. Parents have known this for thousands of years. So why do we have a...

Announcing Changes to

Almost 4 years ago, I wrote my first blog post: What are Christians to do? on July 5, 2010. Since then, I have authored 868 blog posts...

Hot Monogamous Sex

Catchy title, eh?! Justin Buzzard, author of Date Your Wife, wrote an interesting article for the Huffington Post called: Hot Monogamous Sex Here is an excerpt: Many people...

Shine Like Stars (sermon)

This past Sunday, May 22, 2011, I was given the opportunity to preach @ Hayward Wesleyan. Our small group had been studying Philippians this...

A Hilarious Summer Bible Camp Rules Video

[youtube] HT More Than Dodgeball source YouTube

David and Jonathan (story & video)

David is successful in whatever Saul sent him to do, then Saul got jealous and tried to kill David a number of times. In...