What Kind of Checkin System Do You Use?

I get this question fairly often. It's one of those questions that children's pastors and leaders ask each other. The Database / Checkin System is...

Conception to Birth Visualized TED Video

Unbelievable! I've seen neat graphics and photographs of the different stages of prenatal development, but never an imaging video like this. Simply amazing! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKyljukBE70?rel=0] My...

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts | FREE Training Included!

These are keyboard shortcuts for doing word processing or any kind of transferring of text, graphics, or elements in the computer world. Whenever I'm "training" folks on...

Using Facebook Pages in Ministry

I currently manage two Facebook "pages" through hwcYouth. They are for our Followers and Middle School Youth programs. I created them for a couple of...

Internet: The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution

These kind of figures always astound me: HT Youth Ministry Media

The world has changed.

16 billion texts? 3.2 hours on social networks? Send 175 million tweets? Wow. The world has changed. It wasn't that long ago that smartphones were mostly in...

Rules of the Internet for Digital Kids

Common Sense Rules Guard your privacy Protect your reputation Nothing is private online Assume everyone is watching Apply the Golden Rule Watch the clock Choose wisely Don't hide Think about what you see Be...

Do You Monitor Your Teens Online Activity?

As a parent, I would definitely take issue with the words "spying on your children". Parental monitoring of your children's online activity is NOT...

Technology and Us (and our kids)

The television. Also known as: the TV. Love it or hate it, the TV has been an influential force in the last hundred years....

A Look Into Emotions and Depression by Analyzing Facebook Posts

Fascinating. Facebook is like a HUGE snapshot of human life/interaction and it seems to offer an easily quantifiable look into people's behaviors, patterns, etc. Here's...

A New Kind of Parenting in this Digital Age

A Couple of Highlights from the "Digital Parenting" infographic below Make sure your student understands the difference between "virtual life" and "real life" Don't "friend" someone...

Free Wi-Fi | Friend or Foe?

source Orange Leaders