Internet: The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution

These kind of figures always astound me: HT Youth Ministry Media

What Do Teenagers Do w/ Email? Or Not Do?

There's a good conversation going on in the comments in the link below if you are interested. Take a look! via

2011 Told Through Twitter [video]

[youtube] I'm a little late with this... we're already over a month into 2012. But I've recently been learning how better to use Twitter...

Sugata Mitra: The Child-Driven Education (TED video)

If you like imagining possibilities in education... If you enjoy experimenting and taking risks in teaching... If you don't mind thinking outside the box... ...then...

Hands-On with Digital Learning | Sifteo Cubes

[youtube] Sifteo co-founder David Merrill believes in the power of hands-on thinking. Using digital cubes, he explores how intelligent play and physical exploration with...

An Internet Fast (unintentional)

This wasn't on purpose.  I love my cellphone.  It's a smartphone that's capable of fetching emails as well as simple internet searches and reading,...

Word Cloud 2

I really like this web app. This week's Wordle cloud.

Successful Tweeting

So tweeting updates @ Kids Camp 2011 was a huge success! The parents loved it! I didn't tweet a ton like I had wanted...

Cause and Effect // How the Media You Consume Can Change...

[youtube] HT ChurchMag source YouTube

Literacy and Media

I recently came across some interesting statistics. Sometimes you need to be careful with statistics because they can always be skewed to show what...

It’s a Book! (video)

[youtube] Funny. I don't think we are quite in danger of losing books, yet. However, the more our children interact with "screens" rather than...

North Point’s iBand (video)

0 What a creative use of technology! The worship band @ North Point Community Church in Atlanta,...