Our Notification-Driven, Technological and Digital World

[vimeo 35873217 w=570 h=285] Sometimes you just want the noise to stop! A very creative video depicting our digital-saturated, over-notified world... Video description @ Vimeo: One day I...

Word Clouds

I came across this website called Wordle. With Wordle you can insert any number of words and text that you wish and it will...

The Truth about Facebook & Grades [infographic]

Aww, man! I really wanted to blame something other than myself for those bad grades!! HT Youth Ministry Media source OnlineEducation.net

Website Usage for Kids Camp 2012

Every summer, students who have completed grades 3-5 in our area are invited to Kids Camp. It is such a fun week of learning...

Hyper Connected: The Generation that Doesn’t Power Down

This infographic shows the increased connectivity through the generations: Millennials, Gen X-ers, Young Boomers and Older Boomers It confirms what we all know: we are more and...

Google and Your Memory (infographic)

I still like what Einstein is often credited with saying: "Don't fill up your brain with information you can easily look up." I wonder if services...

Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

There is a seminal article written a while back called: Digital Immigrants and Natives by Marc Prensky, that has vast implications on how we...

Cause and Effect // How the Media You Consume Can Change...

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv5Z2Xv8iJU?rel=0&w=560&h=315] HT ChurchMag source YouTube

Rules of the Internet for Digital Kids

Common Sense Rules Guard your privacy Protect your reputation Nothing is private online Assume everyone is watching Apply the Golden Rule Watch the clock Choose wisely Don't hide Think about what you see Be...

Technology Usage in Church (infographic)

I like technology, and it's insanely connected with almost everything we do in our lives in 2011. "Church" is something many of us do...

Parent’s Guide to Technology

Parent's Guide to Technology I found ParentTechGuide.com to be an incredible resource to share with parents @ Hayward Wesleyan. In fact, I printed a bunch...

Literacy and Media

I recently came across some interesting statistics. Sometimes you need to be careful with statistics because they can always be skewed to show what...