Week in Review #7

Friday, Feb 7 - Thursday, Feb 13, 2014 Week #7 Synopsis Sermon Retreat in the WI Dells Youth group story in Mark's Gospel Jump Rope for Heart and playground city vision source YouTube

Week in Review #6

Friday, Jan 31 - Thursday, Feb 6, 2014 Week #6 Synopsis High school retreat Story of Elijah in Main Street Followers and insults sticking and sermon preparation for the 5th installment of the series: Embracing the Story:Jesus source YouTube

Week in Review #5

Friday, Jan 24 - Thursday, Jan 30, 2014 Week #5 Synopsis Nerf war a divided kingdom in Main Street Polar Vortex strikes again (no school days) an Eagle Brook visit and a snowstorm and a couple of hospital visits source YouTube

Week in Review #4

Friday, Jan 17 - Thursday, Jan 23, 2014 Week #4 Synopsis Mark Jalovick's visit Solomon Builds the Temple in Main Street Followers reconvenes and the Rock Wall becomes a reality source YouTube

Week in Review #3

Thursday, January 16, 2014 Week in Review #3 Synopsis Sunday we had Main Street and did an event after for children and their families called "Lunch and a Movie." Monday was spent working on getting curriculum completed...

Week in Review #2

I didn't have time on Thursday to video my weekly reflection, so I took a few minutes on Friday to get it done. I happened to be in my car on the way to...

Week in Review #1

I want to take more time in this new year (2014) for reflection. I know reflection is good and I do it often informally in my own head as well as talking out loud...

Messy Madness // event

Yesterday, a number of families participated in an event we called: Messy Madness. It was an event for the whole family (mainly targeted to families with elementary-aged children). We played: bubble gum art three-legged race in a...

We Don’t Go Far Enough…

I don't think we go far enough in our teachings of Scripture to children, youth or adults. It's been modeled to me and I see it all over current curriculum that we teach and implore...

I Got a New Job

I got a new job! Well, kinda. I have "new" job parameters. Pastor Loretta Sunderland has been the High School Youth pastor for over 15 years and she is transitioning into a new role at Hayward...

10 Years. A Decade.

10 years @ Hayward Wesleyan Church today 10 Years. A Decade. I have a family. I have an amazing wife named Amanda, two beautiful daughters, Sari and Macie, two pesky cats and one loyal dog. We...

Most of the World Hasn’t Graduated from Middle School

I'm a middle school pastor. I've thrown dodgeballs, watched students cringe and giggle when I say the word "sex," and laughed at the silliest things with grades 6-8 students for almost 10 years. Here's...