How Does God Parent? // Discipline w/ the Gospel in Mind

This series of posts comes from a workshop / seminar I gave to a collection of youth leaders in Superior, WI called: Discipline w/...

Cyber Bullying

Gossip and rumors move a little differently today than they did when I was in middle school and high school. It might take a...

Story of the Saint on a Plane

I forget about these stories until Amanda tells me: "You should write about ______." Then I'll go: "Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Here is...

Rules of the Internet for Digital Kids

Common Sense Rules Guard your privacy Protect your reputation Nothing is private online Assume everyone is watching Apply the Golden Rule Watch the clock Choose wisely Don't hide Think about what you see Be...

Parenting | Honest, On the Edge, Creative Parenting

A while back I came across a blog entitled: EpicParent.tv Great blog! There were (and still are) so many thought provoking ideas and conversations...

77 Hours a Week

This past Sunday, I shared with the church a little about some math I had done: 24 hours a day x 7 days in a...

Conversation Starters for Teenagers

Are you ever at a loss for words with your teenager? Need a few ideas to start a conversation with?

Helping Children Deal with Death

Sometimes other people have said things (and organized their thoughts) better than I could do, especially regarding dealing and coping with the topic of...

Talk About Church | Dear Parents #4

I came across this series of letters to parents the other day and found them insightful and helpful. Here is letter #4: Dear Parents, You attend...

Too Many Things at Once!

Sari and I had a rub one morning a while back. We were running late on our mission to get out of the door for...

Don’t Mess w/ Mom @ Dinnertime!

No... this never happens... does it?!

What Makes Bad Language Bad?

Who decides what the bad words are? Paul Tripp references an occasion where one of his kids asked this question and he made a couple...