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What is gossip? "We gossip when we talk about someone, rather than directly to him. Two people move closer to each other at the expense...


As of Thursday, November 8, 2018, after talking with Pastor Chad and the HWC Board, I have submitted my resignation as an assistant pastor...

F. A. R. F. // Family, Academics, Recreation, and Friends

A couple of years ago we were teaching the high school students how to engage in basic conversational skills. Then we had them practice...

Overview of the Five Thresholds

The Five Thresholds The Five Thresholds is training material on disciple-making from InterVarsity college ministries. This is what IV has to say about the Five Thresholds: "This...

Student Information Half-Sheets

I'm always trying to make signing up for things as efficient as possible, but in order to communicate with our youth group participants and...

Blue Collar God / White Collar God by Terry Esau

Terry Esau is a fantastic writer. I just love analogies and metaphors and parables and stories that seek to describe the human condition and...

How Can We Encourage Our Kids?

Children need encouragement. Sure they need correction from time to time (okay, maybe a lot!), but they need lots and lots of encouragement as well....

Understanding Approaches in Ministry

This article first appeared at Wesleyan Kids on September 17, 2013 I’m noticing various approaches in ministry lately. Traditional, contemporary or blended worship services. Seeker...

30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life

source mamiverse.com

Dear Parents, It’s Okay to Discipline Your Children

This article first appeared at Wesleyan Kids on November 21, 2013 Dear Parents, I’m concerned about a disturbing trend I’m seeing happening more and more: parents...

Lifeguards: A Parable about the Presence of Authority

This article first appeared at Wesleyan Kids on December 9, 2013 There is a municipal water park in Spokane, WA that my daughters like to...

Some Tips on Germs and Working with Kids

This article first appeared at Wesleyan Kids on January 11, 2014 My body encountered a strain of strep that it had never seen before and...

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