Journal Entry Dated: May 20, 2013

I have lived and served in Hayward, WI for ten years!

I have an amazing wife named Amanda, two beautiful daughters, Sari and Macie, two pesky cats and one loyal dog. We all share space together in a 3-bedroom rancher in Hayward, Wisconsin where in early May of this year we had a snowstorm that shared 18-inches of the white goodness with us.

There’s swing set with a slide along with a trampoline in the backyard, a plethora of baby and Barbie dolls, random toys, and a closet full of project supplies inside, and a whole lot of love and laughter that emanate from the inhabitants within. If only the walls could talk!

10 years. A decade.

It seems like only yesterday I moved to Hayward as a 25-year old recent college graduate and a whole lot to prove. Blazing a trail in ministering with children and middle school students isn’t an exact science, and the adventure is, well, an adventure! I never aspired to be a pastor. Sure I like students and I always knew I could make them laugh and smile as well as relate to them, but never as a professional pastor. It wasn’t until the Hayward Wesleyan Church took a chance on an untested, unproven, green, fresh, and eager young man did I realize my true calling in life: to shepherd people. It’s an awkward profession because who am I? What do I know? What do I have to offer? Well I used to think it was me, and all the collective wisdom I had acquired up to this point. But now? No. It’s not me. The best I can offer is the gospel—Jesus Christ himself. I can shepherd only to the extent I allow Christ to shepherd me.

10 years. A decade.

I’ve never lived in one place this long. In fact, I passed that milestone about four and a half years ago. This is uncharted waters for me. Well, to be honest, all of life is uncharted waters. I couldn’t have scripted a better life for me. In fact, I went off script several years ago! No. I don’t think we can write our own life script. I don’t think we have that much control over our lives, although perhaps we do some. I have found—and this is me talking about me—I have found that living by faith make the best scripts in life!

I don’t know what the next 10 years or decade will bring, but I hope and pray that I’m still living by faith and enjoying the adventure script the Lord is writing.