As of Thursday, November 8, 2018, after talking with Pastor Chad and the HWC Board, I have submitted my resignation as an assistant pastor at Hayward Wesleyan Church. The hope is to finish out the school year with the students @hwcyouth.

I was not asked nor was I forced to resign. There is nothing wrong. I am not mad, frustrated or inhibited. I do not have a job offer at another church or company, nor am I going to start another church in Hayward! This decision is purely from the LORD. Amanda and I sense the LORD’s release from my full-time position at Hayward Wesleyan.

To be honest, I do not want to do this. Nothing about this makes any human sense. I have a stable, secure, and influential position at a church where I have been for over 15 years in a community that I absolutely love and relationships with people that are deep and often described like family. HWC has a new pastor that is leading our church with vision, grace, and the heart of God present in Jesus and in the power of the Spirit. Personally I am functioning in much healthier ways than before. The gift of a sabbatical last year saved me in many practical ways in my personal life, marriage, family, and professional life. And youth ministry and community engagement is thriving.

In other words, things are going really well, so why step away?

In a community that we love and loves us, the only one who could tell us when it’s time to leave is the LORD. As Amanda and I discerned this from the LORD over the last couple of months, it has been increasingly confirmed by those closest to us in last couple of weeks. I have asked them to talk me out of it! In each case, those who know us the best agree in love that it is time for our family to take a step of faith.

And that’s all we know. At this moment, the LORD is asking us to take this one step. We do not know what is next. We would appreciate your prayers for the LORD’s direction as we discern what he is doing in our family’s lives!

We have nothing but gratitude for our time in this amazing community and a welcoming and fruitful church. We are so, so thankful for hundreds of great friendships and lot and lots of stories and history. So this transition will be filled with remembrances and storytelling as well as grieving and sadness. In some sense we feel like we are letting people down, but because this is something the LORD’s hand is in, we have confidence that the LORD is working it all out for the good. All of life rests on faith anyway, so this shouldn’t be any different!

Our focus will be on ending well at Hayward Wesleyan and helping our church and community both process the past and present as well as prepare for the future. The LORD’s hand is in this, we know that; so whatever he is orchestrating it is going to be amazing!


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