I’m always trying to make signing up for things as efficient as possible, but in order to communicate with our youth group participants and their parents, I need accurate, up-to-date information. So there has to be a system in place to be able to collect this information and I find that using the computer to do it actually makes the process slower. So we still use good old fashioned paper.

Last year I went really low-tech. I grabbed a piece of paper, folded it in half, got a Sharpie, and actually wrote in free hand the information our youth group needed in order to communicate. It did the job. And it was kind of “retro” :).

This year I thought I would keep it simple, but I would formalize it and type it up.

Here is what we’ll be using this school year (2018-2019):

source graphic [JPG, 244kb], Student Info half-sheet 18-19 [PDF, 84.7kb], Fenix-Std [font], Geomanist [font]