Children need encouragement.

Sure they need correction from time to time (okay, maybe a lot!), but they need lots and lots of encouragement as well. And sometimes in the grind of life where all it seems is happening is busyness, hectic schedules, and disobedient kids, we need to remember that our children (at home, at church, yours or someone else’s) need encouragement.

Think about it…

How do you feel after someone has genuinely encouraged you? Good? or more than justgood? You feel awesome don’t you? What if your boss encouraged 5 times more than criticized or corrected? It would feel amazing, wouldn’t it? You would work harder and be more loyal to your boss. You might even say nice things to others about him or her!

Well, I think our kids would feel the same way toward you if you encouraged 5 times more than you corrected and criticized.

This morning as I was driving my 1st grade daughter to school, I looked in the rear view mirror and smiled at her smiles (she was grinning as she looked out the window). In a moment of emotion at the genuine happiness of my daughter I said to her:

“Sari, I’m so glad you are my daughter. I just really like you.”

That little grin became an even bigger grin as she relished in the adoration of her father. She felt encouraged. I need to do that more.

Below is a video from Francis Chan. He relays a story about a weekend he and his wife spent lavishing encouragement on their freshman daughter.

What are some ways we can encourage our kids?

video source: Vimeo
photo credit: John-Mark Smith on Unsplash