Article first appeared at Wesleyan Kids from April 25, 2014

Children need to be taught to obey. Why?

Parents, teaching your children to obey is actually training your children to obey God.

When our children are young, things need to be black and white. Obedience brings blessing and disobedience brings punishment. Children have to learn that disobedience does not work for them.

Can you imagine if a child grows up thinking that disobedience works in their favor?

I’ve got a number of teenagers in my youth group that have not been taught to obey and at their age it’s almost too late.

Once children get older, perhaps in late elementary school and into middle school, the gray areas start to pop up (don’t worry, they’ll bring it to your attention!) and then parents have to start nuancing their reactions and teachings.

Remember, the goal of parenting is not to raise children, but rather, train and raise independent, responsible adults.

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