How to Play the Frogger Game:

  • place the group in a circle sitting down
  • choose 1 person to be the “guesser”
  • send the “guesser” out of the room
  • choose 1 person to be the “frogger”
  • bring the “guesser” back into the room

The frogger’s job is to take everyone in the circle out. The way the frogger eliminates the people in the circle is by sticking out their tongue quickly at the person they are taking out. The frogger must eliminate a person without the “guesser” seeing him/her doing it. The “guesser’s” job is to find out who the “frogger” is before everyone in the circle is eliminated.

Depending on the size of the group, you’ll give the guesser 2-3 opportunities to guess who the frogger is. The guesser will need to get the attention of the moderator and say they are accusing a particular person. If that person is the frogger the game is over. If that person isn’t the frogger, then the person guessed is out, and the game continues until the guesser has used all of their guesses or the frogger manages to eliminate everyone in the circle except for themselves.

When someone in the circle receives the frogger’s tongue sticking out at them, instruct them to silently count to 10 and then fall on the ground as if they were killed somehow. It’s important for the people in the circle to not avert their eyes from the frogger and not to die quickly, but to wait at least 10 seconds.

The person who was the frogger becomes the next guesser and they leave the room for the next round while a new frogger is chosen and brought back in to commence the round.

Couple of things to think about:

  • You can time this game so the frogger doesn’t take their sweet time (i.e. 3-5 minutes).
  • Make sure the people in the circle don’t look too obviously at the frogger or the guesser will quickly figure it out.
  • Being the frogger is super-fun, so make sure you keep the game moving quickly to offer lots of opportunities for the students to be able to play the frogger role.
  • Encourage people to die creatively.

Have fun! Our middle school students love this game!!

graphic Frogger [1.22mb, JPG]
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