How to Play the “Cotton Ball Transfer” Game

Supplies needed:

  • 2 bowls per participant (size is discretionary)
  • cotton balls (a couple of bags or so, depending on the size of the bowls)
  • 1 spoon per participant

Choose the number of participants to go head-to-head. Have each participant hold one bowl full of cotton balls and a spoon. Grab a volunteer to hold the participant’s second bowl (which is empty) right above their head (still). When the game starts, each participant will transfer, using the spoon, the cotton balls to the bowl on top of their head. They cannot look and see, they must keep their head straight (they can look down with their eyes to the bowl with the cotton balls in it). This head-to-head battle can be either timed, stopped when one participant doesn’t have any cotton balls left, or when both participants’ cotton balls are gone. The winner is whoever has the most cotton balls in the bowl on top of their head!

See the game in action:

source YouTube