How to Play the “Stocking Face Tug O War” Game

I got this idea from (they have many more games on the site).

The only supply you need is a handful of stocking pantyhose. I bought thigh high sheer (so it would be as long as possible and nearly invisible) stockings.

You can do two people against each other or you can do more. Fun Ninja did a four person battle.

Tie the end of the stockings together in a secure square knot. Then have the participants place the stockings over their head (as best as you can). The last one with the stocking still on their face, wins!

The best part of this game is seeing students’s faces plastered inside of a stocking!!

See this game in action:

source YouTube


  1. Would it be terrible if I had my kids do the stocking tug-o-war just for my own amusement?

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