How to play the “Chair Relay Race” Game

Make two teams. In our case we had 2 teams of 10 each and we did boys versus girls. Line up the same amount of chairs for how many people are on each team (the two teams should be equal). Place the two lines of chairs an appropriate distance apart from each other and have the chairs facing toward each other. Place an object (we just used another chair, but it could be anything… even a person) in the middle that the students have run around. You’ll also need a ball or some kind of object for each team to pass.

The object of the game is to get through all of your teammates before the other team does.

Each team starts by passing the object down the line, then the person on the end gets up and runs around the chair while their team shifts down their line one chair. The person who ran around the chair in the middle then sits at the other end then passes the object back down the line again. This cycle continues until all the participants have ran around the chair. The team that completes the relay first, wins.

When we played this game, we noticed that we needed to prompt the students to shift down the line each time and direct the runner to the other side rather than the spot they started from. You can see in the video below these various things happening.

This is a high energy game and the students had a lot of fun playing it. The other neat thing is that many students could participate in this game, even the shy ones who wouldn’t normally volunteer for a game.

Check out the game in action:

source YouTube