From my journal dated: June 1, 2014

Last Wednesday night, after small group, Alex Pena wanted to talk with me. He asked what I was thinking about Youth group next year… so I told him some of my current thoughts on how we’re thinking about restructuring how we’re running things. He seemed to be genuinely listening and intrigued by what I was telling him.

To be honest (and somewhat shamefully), while I have included Alex in my small group this past year and allowed him to be around at Youth (Alex is a young adult), I’ve kind of discounted him as a real leader…more of a glorified helper.

What he did next blew me away. He wanted to pray for me.

“Jeremy,” He said, “can I pray for you?”

Alex laid his hand on my shoulder and prayed a deep, meaningful, heartfelt prayer. I was proud of him. His prayer deeply ministered to my heart. He both encouraged my heart and, through the Holy Spirit’s words, convicted me of casually and often mentally dismissing this young man.

I was so humbled in that very moment and yet grateful for the humiliating event.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Alex into my life currently and all those years ago when he was a little hellion in grade school and middle school. You are truly changing Alex’s heart as well as using him to minister to others: including me.

Photo courtesy: Noer


  1. I am proud of Alex as well. God has come into this mans heart. It has been the same for me Jeremy. When I started doing Followers Alex and many other children that I came to minister to, mister to me. That is a great way for God to show us that he loves us all the same and we all need each other. Kudos to you love that humility in that way .

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