From my journal dated: May 20, 2014

This morning was rushed.

The girls slept till 7:50a. School starts at 8a. Sari woke up frustrated that she’d be late to school, but also didn’t want to rush (kinda of a catch 22 when you wake up late!).

I gave Sari a choice to be 30 minutes late or to move quickly and only be a few minutes late. After a minutes pause, she decided to move quickly (she must really like to be at school!).

We made it successfully out the door in 10 minutes!

However, in all the rush to get Sari to school on time, I forgot one VERY important thing: I didn’t say goodbye, and give a hug and kiss to Macie. Halfway to Sari’s school, my wife, Amanda, sent me a text informing me of my blunder and that my youngest daughter was sad. I called Amanda right away and arranged a quick meeting spot after I dropped off Sari with her and Macie so I could right the wrong. We met at a spot that would intersect Amanda’s drive to get Macie to daycare. I think Macie was surprised and loved that we found a way for me to wish her a good day and gets hugs and kisses.

This is parental bonding at its best, but it does not come without sacrifice and inconvenience.

Dr. Kevin Leman has a great line about this:

“If you didn’t want to be inconvenienced in your life you shouldn’t have become a parent!”


Photo courtesy: Drag