A reflection from my journal dated: May 20, 2014

We are chronically late to school. I could share a number of reasons why, but it still doesn’t excuse our constant tardiness.

As I reflect, one of the most challenging things is being a long-tenured pastor to students (ages 0-18) in a small town. The plethora of connections, meetings, events, parties, get-togethers, formal occasions, expected (relationally, nor organizationally) appearances, and happenstance encounters with people when I’m around town have gradually increased over the past 11 years. We tend to be busy most nights of the week as a family, again relationally. While we feel, as a family, that this is our calling, there tends to be interesting side effects, like tired girls in the morning.

This causes us to be fairly tardy, fairly often.

Again, I’m not making an excuse, but rather analyzing the situation, rooting around for a cause. To be honest, some of it has to do with my own slowness in the morning and my personal vice of arriving to appointments either right on time or a few minutes after (mainly because I’m tired from all the relational connections).

This propensity doesn’t help me get Sari to school always on time either :).

Photo courtesy: Freeimages.com/Tory Byrne