When parents are in the thick of life with their children, they often take little time to stand back and reflect on the big picture. The big picture being: engaging with your children in the moments is the point of parenting, not wishing for things to be “perfect” or “right” in the moment, but messy and utterly enjoyable in the moment.

It’s coming up on graduation season. Every year I spend time at the home of various families whose son or daughter is graduating from high school. I often bring my two girls with me (they like the treats and the attention of older students). I hear this every year:

“Jeremy, it seems like yesterday my son/daughter was their age. Before you realize it, they are graduating. Cherish the time you have with them now. Don’t long for the future, but enjoy and cherish the moments you have with your children.”

My wife says this often to me:

“I don’t want to watch our children leave our home and have regrets, things I wish I would have done with them while they were with us. I want us to do those things we want to do now. I want to live with no regrets.”

Here’s to living with no regrets…

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