I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in Hayward next to a group of people talking a lot and sharing lots of stories. After the group had been sitting for a bit, another member arrived.

Someone in the group asked this late arrival if she was running on “Spanish time”

I might not have thought anything of the comment if it were not for a Hispanic friend of mine that was sitting right behind them. I don’t know if that comment was prejudicial or not, but it didn’t sound very honoring, rather derogatory to the Spanish people. I don’t think my friend heard the comment. And even if he had, I doubt he would have been offended. Sadly, I imagine that is not the worst thing my friend has heard directed toward his culture.

It probably would have been much worse (especially in our Hayward area culture) if the comment has been: “Are you running on Indian time?” Perhaps we are just not aware of what our words really mean and how someone from the aforementioned culture were to hear the comment.

Regardless whether or not someone would be offended… regardless whether or not a person from that particular culture is present… I don’t think we are aware of the things we say as often as we should be.

I wonder how many times I have unknowingly shared an inappropriate comment without thinking?