“Dave Kinnaman’s recent book You Lost Me offers [a] sobering look at the status quo of the church. Based on an extensive survey, Kinnaman notes six primary factors for students disconnecting from church. Devoting a chapter to each, he summarizes the six as:

  1. over-protective toward youth;
  2. shallow in their teaching aimed at students;
  3. antiscience (just saying “evolution is dumb: will not cut it with this generation);
  4. repressive (churches appear simplistic and judgmental on issues of sexuality, that is, young people want more than “just say no”);
  5. exclusive (we need to clearly explain the exclusivity of the church–we cannot just say, “Jesus is the only way”; we must help them see why);
  6. doubtless (churches seem unfriendly to those who doubt).

“I encounter these sentiments regularly in youth and college students. We must take the timeless gospel and apply it in a timely way to deal with issues such as these. We cannot simply assume young people will embrace faith because we said to do so or because we have embraced it.”

As You Go: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students. Alvin L. Reid. 2013. NavPress. pg. 93.