How do you tip?

Generously or not generously?

A while back I was thinking about my policy on tipping.

I do not tip on performance, I tip on grace.

I don’t use the amount I tip as a rating system on how well the person served me. I just like to tip generously, regardless of good or bad service.

I was thinking about my tipping policy because I was asking myself why I tip that way… and then I remembered:

I’m not proud of this at all, but when I was in my late teens, I went to a Mexican restaurant in Oklahoma City with some friends and we thought it would be funny to leave a $.01 tip. And so we did. While we were walking out of the restaurant laughing about it, the waitress ran up to us, kindly told us that we left our $.01 on the table, and handed it to us with a pained expression on her face.

While we thought it was humorous, the waitress did not.

When I remembered that story, I felt so ashamed at my younger self. I wanted to step back in time somehow and redo that moment. I cannot, but I can “red0” any future moments.

Therefore, regardless of performance (and maybe as a sort of life penance), I like to tip on grace (whether or not someone deserves it).