Back in February, I wrote this after my men’s small group that meets on Tuesday mornings:

“I was convicted this morning of a story my friend shared of a guy who would read through the Bible every month. It was a conviction he felt impressed by God to do.

“This story reminded of the man that inspired Dr. Ron Frost to read through the Bible on a regular basis. When one lives in the world of the Bible, one tends to adopt the Bible’s worldview, which demonstrates God’s worldview and His kingdom.

“I feel like I don’t read the Bible enough. I need to spend more time in it. I think I spend too much time thumbing through the News Feed on Facebook, USA Today app, or tech blogs on my iPhone. I don’t spend adequate time reading the Bible or books.”

Too be honest, since writing this in my journal back in February, not much has changed. I want it to change, but it hasn’t. I guess you could say that I don’t really want it to change because I haven’t changed it. I could make a few excuses like I’m in seminary and I’m already reading a lot, or that I teach the Bible on a regular basis and therefore I’m in the Scriptures a lot. These excuses are good ones, but I regardless of my profession, I want reading the Bible to be a regular part of how I live my daily life. And not just a chapter or two or even a handful of verses, but chunks of Scripture, regularly engaged with over time.

That is what I want.

…now to change that.


  1. Jeremy:
    I made up my mind to read the O.T. through THIS YEAR. I have the plan and have prevailed — even through
    some busy times. The longer I am at it, the easier it becomes to pick up the Bible and READ! DO IT !!!

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