Pam StenzelAbout a month ago I was able to sit in on a high school health class while they were discussing abstinence. The instructor used a video-based teaching series from a woman named Pam Stenzel.

She is hilarious!

Here are a couple of quotes I wrote down that I wanted to remember:

“Opposites attract in personalities, but opposites do not attract character.”

“The only safe sex is with a safe partner.”

A pastor doing premarital counseling will ask if a couple is having sex or living together. If they answer “yes,” then this pastor will inform them that they are telling each other that it’s okay to have sex with someone who isn’t married. What a way to start the marriage off, eh?!

Not only does Pam teach sex education all across the country, but she is a Christian and has faith-based resources available as well. I’ve already ordered a couple of her teaching series and plan to use them in our curriculum rotation in youth group next year!

source The High Cost of Free Love