Friday, Apr 4 – Thursday, Apr 10, 2014

Week #15 Synopsis

  • Relaxing Friday and Saturday
  • Main Street story was on Nehemiah (the follow up to Ezra’s story the preceding week)
  • Monday was a big VBS planning day
  • Realization of a good way to share on social media and reach a wider audience
  • I’ve spent some time writing a letter I eventually want to send out to all of our families (via snail mail)
  • Wednesday morning I spent some time working on Wesleyan Kids material (what I do every Wednesday morning)
  • Wednesday afternoon was another early release day in Hayward and I spent the afternoon with my 8th grade guys: We stuffed Easter eggs for the Easter Eggstravaganza on April 19, then we played a ton of Nerf, then we prayed with each other for a while
  • Wednesday night Youth saw a really neat story found in Mark 12:1-12 (the Parable of the Tenants)
  • On Thursday, I had my pre-op physical where they made sure I am physically ready to have my tonsils removed on April 23

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