Story of Elijah

1 Kings 16:29 – 1 Kings 19:18

Last week the kingdom divided. Ten tribes in the north remained Israel, while two tribes in the south, Judah and Benjamin were renamed Judah.

Elijah was a prophet to the northern set of tribes, Israel, primarily during the reign of King Ahab, who did evil in the eyes of the LORD. When there is rampant evil among the kings and all the people of the north, Israel, there is disdain for anyone, especially a prophet claiming to speak for God, who advocates for good. Well, Elijah was a prophet who spoke the words of God to King Ahab, who didn’t like what he had to say: there were consequences God was going to enact because of Israel’s disobedience. However, instead of being responsible for their wicked and evil actions, King Ahab and the northern kingdom blamed Elijah for the famine that ensued.

In a triumphant display of the power of God, Elijah challenges King Ahab’s false idols to a challenge on top of Mount Carmel. The outcome is pretty cool.

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