The Divided Kingdom of Israel // North (Israel) and South (Judah)


The Divided Kingdom

1 Kings 10:26 – 12:33

Last week we saw the height of glamour, prestige, and influence in the world for the Israelites. King Solomon is leading God’s people in wisdom and people from all over the world marvel at Solomon’s reign. Israel truly is being a light to all the nations and displaying that their is a God in Israel and that God is the LORD of heaven and earth.

This week’s story shows the downfall of King Solomon and what happens when you don’t fully obey the LORD. After Solomon’s death, his son Rehaboam becomes king and doesn’t listen to the wise advice of his elders (his father’s advisors). Instead, Rehaboam listens to the inexperienced and unwise advice of his peers and causes a split, a divide in the nation of Israel. Jeroboam takes the northern 10 tribes and places its capitol in Samaria, and Rehaboam takes the southern 2 tribes (Judah and Benjamin) and remains in Jerusalem.

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