Every Sunday for the past 11 years we have walked through the stories of the Bible in a linear, chronological fashion in our children’s ministry environment we call Main Street. Back in early 2008, we decided to start recording these weekly teachings for posterity sake as well as sharing with others how we did this weekly storytelling. This past year, because of some technical issues and timing problems, we stopped recording for a couple of months, but we have recently started back up again.

Solomon Builds the Temple

1 Kings 5:1 – 10:25

Last week, King Solomon asked God for wisdom and God granted it to him.

This week’s story is about how King Solomon mobilized God’s people, the Israelites, to build a grand Temple for the LORD. We show a video walk-thru the Temple to show what it might have looked like.

This story also serves as the pinnacle, the climax of the Israelite kingdom and influence in the world. From this on, through the rest of the Biblical narrative, Israel is on a downward trajectory toward obscurity and irrelevance and non-influence in the world for God because they perpetuate the worship of idols and do some pretty wicked things.

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