About two weeks ago, our area was “blessed” with over a foot of snow overnight (actually more like 16″).

This quick accumulation of snow caused a section of our town of Hayward to go black… no electricity. And this blackout lasted from 9pm on Thursday night till around 5pm the next day. Not only did we get this huge amount of snow in one day, but we already have about 4′ of snow on the ground. So when there is a down powerline buried deep behind someone’s house it takes the power company a while to get their boom trucks into position in order to fix it. This leaves the electrical customers waiting patiently for that eventual fix.

Here are a few things I noticed in our life and behavior when we didn’t have electricity for a while:

  • I can’t reheat my coffee in the microwave all day long (like I normally do).
  • All of us found ourselves involuntarily flipping on light switches when you entered a dark room.
  • We had to use the emergency latch on the garage door to get our truck out of the garage (that works great, by the way!).
  • I found myself bored when my iPhone battery died.
  • Our girls learn what needs electricity and what doesn’t: toilets and water faucets (don’t); TV, the Internet, and the microwave (do).
  • There’s no option for powered things… you have to think about and use something else (i.e. coffee maker, washer and dryer, dishwasher, curling iron, toaster, etc.).
  • It’s difficult to get a rented DVD out of a DVD player!


  1. Unless you live in the country, then you can’t use water or toilets either because the pumps run on electricity. FYI

    • Someone told me the other day that NOAA (that keeps track of snow totals) had our area at 89″. While we don’t have 7’6″ of snow, we do have a lot! Over the last couple of days, because it’s been so warm, all the snow has really compressed, so now I think we have about a 1’6″ of snow depth. But, yeah… we’ve had a snowy and cold winter this year!!

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