Thursday, January 16, 2014

Week in Review #3 Synopsis

  • Sunday we had Main Street and did an event after for children and their families called “Lunch and a Movie.”
  • Monday was spent working on getting curriculum completed and printed for our teachers in Main Street as a result of our curriculum change. In the evening, our entire Youth volunteer team met at Famous Dave’s for an appreciation dinner as well as our “halfway-through-to-see-how-things-are-going” meeting.
  • Tuesday brought a few meetings: our weekly staff meeting and my weekly meeting with our youth coordinator.
  • Wednesday heralded my weekly Wesleyan Kids content bonanza and preparation and engagement with Youth that evening. The story for the night was Jesus Feeding the 5,000 (or perhaps a better title should be, Jesus teaches his disciples and important lesson about how to determine what’s most important in life and in the moment).
  • Thursday contained my monthly LDJ (Leadership Development Journey) small group with other Wesleyan pastors in our area as well as some odds and ends detail things for the week.

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