Wednesday Small Group Leaders Mission and Goals // 2013-2014

The goal of hwcYouth is to make disciples of Jesus Christ (of those who are not yet disciples as well as those who think they are disciples).

// Matthew 28:18-20

Making disciples is ultimately our goal, but for you as youth leaders, how that is played out this year may look a little different.  For Wednesday night youth we are focusing on the outreach aspect of ministry and yet still teaching the Bible which will be applicable for every youth that steps in the door. Here are the three primary goals we are asking youth leaders to focus on each Wednesday.

// 2 Tim 4:1-5

  1. RELATE with your small group kids (gain a relationship)
  2. FACILITATE DISCUSSIONS of Wednesday night teachings (in as many creative ways as you can) by sharing your testimony, by encouraging Bible reading, by loving words and affirmation, and by helping them understand Jesus and his mission.
  3. CHALLENGE them to think, and move toward living God’s Way by pointing them to the Truth. (encourage living like Jesus)

We accomplish the goal and vision by:

  • teaching students the Bible,

  • partnering with parents and small group leaders to disciple and spiritually challenge our youth,

  • and connecting through intentional activities to build Christlike character and community.

Not all of this is your responsibility, but there are certain aspects of this that are. The primary job for you as a youth leader is to connect with your small group and support and discuss what is being taught. The secondary job is to be ready for questions that will arise about God, faith, the Bible and the Gospel. However, you don’t need to know all the answers, you just need to be prepared to answer in a humble, honest and Spirit-led way. Sometimes you may have to say “I don’t know.” Never squash the hungering questions, and please don’t get into a debate in your small group. Point them to the Bible for answers.

Wednesday night ministry is hard work, it is getting down on your knees to relate with each student, yet being a humble leader who doesn’t budge on the mission of sharing Christ.  It is prayerfully gaining strength from God to be bold and courageous when needed and yet compassionate enough to see a serious need or a hurting child and addressing those problems.

If you are having problems in your small group or with certain relationships, please let Jeremy or Jessica know.  We are here to help you problem solve and tweak areas that are not working smoothly. We want your small group to be as effective as possible, and where there is chaos and misbehavior, everyone’s attentions get diverted and the learning and growing is affected. We want our youth to know there are certain non-negotiables at Wednesday night youth group and we will stand by those guidelines.

Small Group Leaders model and enforce this…

  • Respect by listening. If someone is talking, YOU should NOT be talking. For some of your groups, this will have to be talked about and enforced weekly.
  • Respect for people. This includes them, their bodies.
  • Respect church property and possessions.

Being grateful and mannerly. Say thank you and please. This also is a form of respect. Just because we are Christians does not give young people the right to walk all over us and expect us to allow misbehavior and unruliness. Youth group is a privilege and not a right. Consistently teach that ungratefulness and disrespect is not acceptable. We will enforce this too.