Wednesday Schedule and Guidelines // 2013-2014


Doors open, students check-in, then go to one of three locations:


Dodgeball or other large group game (Need 1-2 leaders in this room)

Main Street Theatre

Ping Pong, Carpetball, Air Hockey, Fooseball, Bouldering Wall, and board games (Need 1-2 leaders in this room)

Fireside Room

High School Students only. Coffee, table games, hang out room (Need 1-2 leaders in this room)

Students must be in one of these three areas. All the other rooms in the church are locked and secured. Outside doors are NOT propped open and are checked frequently as well as nooks and crannies.

Students are not allowed to be outside the building, on the property, on the playground, behind the garage, in the parking lot, or in their vehicles.

Gym and the Fireside Room shut down around 6:55pm.


Program begins in the Main Street Theatre. Students will sit at a 48” circle table with their small group and leader by grade and gender with their small group leader sitting with them.

Program Schedule

7:00-7:20pm // Welcome, Announcements, and Large Group Game

7:20-7:30pm // Table Game/Sharing

7:30-7:45pm // Worship

7:45-8:00pm // Storytelling

8:00-8:30pm // Small Group Time


Students can hang out in the Gym and eat snacks (snacks may not leave the Gym). When the snack crowd has abated, the basketballs, volleyballs, and a football can be brought out.

Students can be in the Gym, or in the hallway and the foyer. ALL other rooms in the church building will be closed and locked down. The hallway will be closed, the doors locked, and inaccessible. The sanctuary is off-limits.

Students may not be outside until their ride is present, or until they are driving away. Parents need to come inside to pick up their son or daughter.


The building is shut down. Lights are turned off. The Gym and Kitchen are closed. Adults leave.

Students need to be picked up by 9pm (at the latest). A parent can come anytime between 8:30-9:00pm to pick up their child.