I know quite a lot of teachers. They work very hard, put in a lot of hours, and most care deeply about the students they teach. It’s helpful to know and see what they do each and every day as well as each year.

source Upworthy


  1. I can agree up to a point. If you do the math at $49,000 a year. Divide that by 52 weeks a year then 40 hours and you get $23.56 per hour. Does the average person get paid for “preparing for their work”? They get paid well for the choice they made to become a teacher, same as any other profession. It is a choice we make to work where we work. Every Holiday off, every weekend off, and several days off during the year for school “breaks”. We can take the numbers and spin them anyway we can to make our situation look bad or good. How about we look at how many of our students graduate, get straight A’s, become doctors/lawyers/scientists etc.? What are those figures? To me that would be more important than the $$$? Why are we teaching in the first place???

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