“I know I gave God my all… but what if He screws it up?”

Quote from a teenage girl @ Youth Camp 2013


    • This is the intersection of whether or not one really believes the Gospel. What was so amazing about this teenager’s insight had less to do with the supposed insecurity and loss of control over her life and more to do with the honest realization that if I really give God my all, then He’s in charge and I really have to trust Him. Trust for this young lady (and most likely many others as well) does not come easily. And she was heading into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ with her eyes wide open and realizing, with much trepidation, that trust means you have to believe, even when it looks like God might be screwing up your life.

      Faith and surrender, belief and repentance take a lifetime to “answer”! This is the beauty of the Gospel… it is not a moment in time belief, or a continual mental assent to doctrine, but an active, moment-by-moment belief (faith) that God is running the show of our life and we must wholly surrender (repent) to His ways (and not our ways).

      I loved the honesty and critical awareness this young lady had as she gave her life to Christ!

  1. I remember you and I talking about that moment. I found myself in quiet moments while on vacation considering the honesty and childlikeness of her question and found myself asking that question for my own life and considering the implications. I believe I’ve asked that question many times when I think God is ‘screwing up my life’. My concern is how many times I’ve answered to the affirmative and missed out.

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