I got a new job!

Well, kinda. I have “new” job parameters.

Pastor Loretta Sunderland has been the High School Youth pastor for over 15 years and she is transitioning into a new role at Hayward Wesleyan Church. So I will be assuming the high school ministry at Hayward Wesleyan starting sometime this summer. I’ll be adding this to what I already do with children and middle school students.

So this will complete my “acquisition” plans!! I’ve been planning this all along… No, just kidding!

We’re still trying to figure out what my new title will be, but here were some suggestions:

Minor Pastor or B-12 Pastor

I’m excited about being able to strategize, dream, educate, disciple and lead students and their families through the developmental years of birth through 12th grade, from the cradle through graduation!



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