I’m a middle school pastor. I’ve thrown dodgeballs, watched students cringe and giggle when I say the word “sex,” and laughed at the silliest things with grades 6-8 students for almost 10 years. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Most of the world hasn’t graduated from middle school

Jocks, Geeks, Stoners, Nones, etc: There are cliques in the workplace.

Argue and Fight over Silly Things: Countries fight over the stupidest things sometimes.

You Can’t Sit at Our Table: Countries draw boundaries lines along ethnicity, cultural background, and religion.

Bickering Online: We argue and bicker online just like teenagers.

We can’t get along in the public discourse, yet we want our children to get along with their brother or sister.

Mood Swings: Some days we like each other, and other days we don’t.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so! Here’s an article called: “If Life Seems Like High School, That’s Because It Is, Research Shows”