Boy, I must’ve been under a rock because I missed this post when it happened.

Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church

Here is the list:

  1. They don’t need it
  2. They know the truth
  3. They got tired of pretending
  4. They found better feelings
  5. Community
  6. You gave them hand-me-downs
  7. You sent them out unarmed
  8. They get smart
  9. They never attended church to begin with
  10. The Church is “Relevant”

Now go read the explanations in the article! And spend some time reading the over 900 comments on this post.

What do you think?

source Marc5Solas


  1. They claim “being bored”
    Lack of personal attention
    Breakdown of parental training
    ‘a front’ used to persuade parents to give them their own way

  2. Great article indeed. Thanks for spreading awareness through the body. As a Millennial who’s passionate about the Church, this subject is very near to my heart. God bless you, brother.

    Caleb Breakey
    Author of Called To Stay

    • Thanks, Caleb! It’s near and dear to my heart as well. I’m at the edge of a Millennial and a Buster. I’m one of those bridges that understands both the generation before me and the generation behind me. Working with students and their families helps, too.

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