My favorite part of this article was the first two paragraphs:

“To truly disciple is to realign our affections – and those of the person we’re discipling – to a greater Person. Unfortunately, many youth ministries do not focus on making disciples or the heart change of their young people.

“Instead, behavior modification, moral change, or intellectual assent are often emphasized. This method of enacting change will never bring about true, joy-filled change. It will merely adhere to dutiful rules and regulations.

“Our hearts and minds must desire something of greater worth. We need something that moves beyond and replaces the previous holder of our affections – something of supreme meaning and power. Thomas Chalmers puts it this way in The Expulsive Power of a New Affection: ‘We must address to the eye of his mind another object, with charm powerful enough to dispossess the first of its influence, and to engage him in some other prosecution as full of interest, and hope and congenial activity, as the former.’ In other words, the Christ of gospel must replace the thing that holds the place of highest esteem and honor in the hearts, minds, and the eyes of those who we disciple.”

When I was in college, a friend of mine would refer to this as the Power of a Gaze.

What are you looking at?

What is your gaze directed toward?

Are you looking at Christ or yourself?

source Gospel Centered Discipleship


    • Yes! While this article was focused on teens, the implications are far reaching for all disciples, both young and old.

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