April 2013

For a while I had a netbook, an underpowered, small footprint sized laptop computer, because I wanted to spend less time on a computer and more time in ministry with students. This strategy sort of backfired after about 5 months because the machine was so underpowered, it took me SO LONG to get anything done on it.

Anyway, I now have a full powered laptop now, which works fantastic. The other downside of the netbook was that the user was not able to change the wallpaper background on it. On my current machine, I can change the background at will. I never used to care about this, but since I’ve had this new laptop, I change out the wallpaper about once a month. I go on the interwebs and try to discover some fun and creative designs. I usually uncover some great ideas for design in this process.

This month’s wallpaper comes from Paper Leaf Design. Enjoy!