I was at a four-way stop sign, turning right. The vehicle across from me didn’t have their turn signal on, so I assumed they were going straight. I then proceeded to go through the intersection, but then the other vehicle started to turn the way I was going.

I wanted to be mad at this inconsiderate driver, but then he waived at me. It was one of my friends! A fellow pastor nonetheless!!

I love living in a small town because it naturally teaches me to not demonize a person anonymously.

Especially when its someone I know!

This morning a driver ahead of me in line dropping off my daughter at school didn’t move forward and I was frustrated. Again it ended up being someone I know!

Maybe this is a lesson God is trying to teach me!


  1. Something my sister always tells me is this: “Peel back the layers. Is this really what you are frustrated about? Is this really what is making you mad/sad/frustrated? Are you upset cause it brings up memories or incidences from your past that need to be addressed?” Just food for thought!

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