In 21 years, I see 1500 students who have been discipled and are reproducing disciples.

They believe in the kingdom of God by faith, and surrender/sacrifice their lives in pursuit of God’s kind of world. These students give and serve generously. They are humble. Ordinary, yet extra-ordinary. Natural, yet super-natural. These 1500 disciples depend on the Holy Spirit to guide their lives. They take up their cross daily and follow Jesus. They exude the fruit of the Spirit because of their daily repentance and belief: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Forgiveness, prayer and a love for God’s Word is second nature. Not only do these 1500 students know God’s story from Genesis to Revelation, but they believe and live like they are an integral part in the redemption story God is telling through them. They desire to know God and make him known.

These 1500 disciples are parents, contractors, pastors, teachers, missionaries, business owners, factory workers, fast food restaurant employees… you name it. They are content with their station in life because wherever the Lord has led them that is their place of service and influence. Their workplace, neighborhood, community and circle of friends is their intentional mission field and where they are called to live the Gospel story.

During their time in Hayward Wesleyan Youth, these 1500 students have been intentionally surrounded by godly men and women who have poured the Gospel story into their lives. These disciplers and students have laughed and cried together as well as lived many adventures and experiences together.

On Wednesday nights at Hayward Wesleyan, these 1500 students have gathered for food, fun and friends. Food means the Word of God, the story of God’s people, and how this story impacts these students and their world, as well as supper and snacks. Fun means goofing off, being silly, and laughing. It encompasses the joy of life that God wants us to experience together. Friends means a community of people–our peers and mentors. They are the people we live life together, eat food, and have fun with.

21 years equals 3 cycles of 7 years in middle school and high school. 1500 students is 500 students per 7-year cycle.