The Gospel isn’t just bringing someone coffee. Anyone could do an act to make a name for themselves. Gospel “acts” are deeds done out of a faith that believes that God makes a name for us (no matter what that name might be). We do Gospel “acts” out of nothing other than to glorify and bring God praise. Once you see your life as God’s vessel to enact His love and adoration in this world, even buying cancer patients’ coffee for them on Thursdays become an act that transcends just a feel good story. Deeds born out of faith in God will truly transform this world… one cup of coffee, or one person’s obedience to faith in deeds.

I do not know Dan, nor am I judging his motives or motivation for doing this good deed. I’ve been thinking through the application of The Gospel in all areas of our lives as believers, which was my motivation for writing what I did.

Video Description:

Every week Dan Dewey does a coffee run for the staff and patients at the Michigan Cancer Institute in St.Joseph’s Hospital in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

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