This series of posts comes from a workshop / seminar I gave to a collection of youth leaders in Superior, WI called: Discipline w/ the Gospel in Mind.

// What if a kid doesn’t learn from discipline?

A while back my daughter told me that: You Can’t Make Me (in a humorous way). That taught me a lesson as a parent: she’s right. I really can’t make my daughter do anything.

We cannot make ourselves or students do anything. Welcome to God’s world and His reality. He can’t make us do anything.

What God can do and what God does is provide an environment where we put Him on display. Author Michelle Anthony in her work Spiritual Parenting said this: “We can’t force people to know or believe in God. We can only create an environment where we put Him on display.”

What kind of environment is your small group? Youth group? Home life? Marriage? Is God on display in your own life?