This series of posts comes from a workshop / seminar I gave to a collection of youth leaders in Superior, WI called: Discipline w/ the Gospel in Mind.

// Intentionality

Discipline (or maybe we should just say: DISCIPLESHIP) does not happen accidentally in parenting. Actually, you know what! It does! Natural consequences! The intentionality comes in making wise use of those natural (or sometimes contrived) consequences. Not to rub the consequences in their face. Rather to come alongside of them and help them to reflect back and walk them through what happened and how THEY can believe the Gospel themselves.

Discipline should lead to faith, belief in God, not just changed behavior. Sure, their behavior will change… our behavior will change. But when, and ONLY when, we have surrendered to God in faith… in believing the Gospel.

The intentionality piece is the outworking of your prayer: “God how do I join what you are doing in the lives of my children or the students I am discipling?”

It seems like God has taken hardship, the result of the Fall (humanity choosing to follow themselves) and redeemed it to be used to lead us to Him… in order for God to lavish His love and grace and forgiveness on us.

We need to be intentional at modeling God’s grace to them when they are undergoing hardship and discipline. Not judgment.