// Heads-Up

Discipline happens in a variety of contexts. The context this topic comes up most often is in parenting. But discipline has to happen in Youth Groups and small group contexts as well. In this conversation, you’ll hear me changing contexts often. Sometimes I’ll refer to parents, sometimes I’ll refer to a youth ministry context. What we are going to discuss works with both, and, as you’ll probably see, works in many other contexts in our lives as well.

This series of posts comes from a workshop / seminar I gave to a collection of youth leaders in Superior, WI called: Discipline w/ the Gospel in Mind.

// Introduction

When I hear the word “discipline” I often cringe. Why?

  • Because I remember the spankings I got from my Dad when I was a kid.
  • I remember getting slapped by my Mom, when I tested my place in the family after I got taller than her.
  • I think of those ADD kids in my middle school group.
  • I think of those gangster kids who want to do harm @ youth
  • I think of punishment.
  • I think of the 24/7 responsibility to correct and shape behavior with my two girls at home… ALL THE TIME!
  • I think of people who undergo societal discipline like jail, probation, shunning, etc.

Calvin and Hobbes Comics are great caricatures for discipline:

calvin hobbes reaction

Calvin Hobbes manners

calvin hobbes worst case scenario

Or this was a fun graphic I came across a while back:

a parents promise

What is the goal of discipline?