Dump the Kisses

How to Play the “Dump the Kisses” Game

It’s basically a game of Capture the Flag with a twist. Instead of grabbing flags, each team has a bucket at the back of their area. Every person then is given a Hershey Kiss. The object of the game is to get as many Hershey Kisses in the other team’s bucket without getting tagged. If a player is on their opponent’s side and is tagged by an opponent, then they have to go to jail. They get out of jail when one of their teammates tags them out of jail. Whenever someone get a Kiss in the bucket, they can go back to their side and get another Kiss from a game official. This game has to be timed. Depending on the size of the group and the size of the playing area would factor in to how long you would let the game go for. We time each round @ 10 minutes. The team with the least amount of Kisses in their own bucket wins.

The video below gives a visual overview of the field we use @ Hayward Wesleyan and goes over the rules of play.

graphic Dump the Kisses
source YouTube